ASL Level 2

Mondays & Wednesdays, September 23-November 4 | 7:00pm | West Worship Center

In this class you will be introduced to classifiers, start to have more conversations and learn to tell a story using your skills. Before signing up for this class, you need to be comfortable with the ABCs, # 1 - 60, WH words (what, when, where, etc), colors, time signs, and structure basic sentences/questions (time, topic, comment). After each class, slides will be emailed out to participants for review and practice.

The class will be taught by Ruth Jackson. As a Deaf person, Ruth learned ASL firsthand. She has taught at the American School for the Deaf and has been teaching ASL at Fusion Academy for the past five years. Ruth also serves as the Department Head for Electives and World Languages at Fusion Academy. She is excited to share the joy she has for ASL and Deaf culture with you!

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