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Meet the Christians... We’re the Christians — Andre and Cynthia, proudly sharing life's journey together for 19 wonderful years. Alongside us are our four incredible sons, Andre II, the contemplative thinker and aviator-in-training (18); Aaron, our 16-year-old with a heart of gold and a gamer-loving engineer who eagerly wants to day-trade; Aydin, the family comedian, dancer and academically gifted at 11; and Allan, our spirited 7-year-old who never fails to surprise us. And of course, there's Paula Christian-Stallworth, our mom, whose wisdom and love adds a bit extra. Our story began under the warm Floridian sun at Ft. Walton Beach, a memory we treasure and the start of our adventure through Andre’s 22 years of dedicated military service. Now settled in the equally sunny and beautiful Colorado, we’ve turned a new leaf, embracing the joys of community life here at CCC in the Green Valley Ranch area. I, Andre, have a passion for teaching and mentoring through life lessons—whether it's with our four sons or those I meet. I find excitement in the world of stocks and investing, always eager to share insights or learn from others. Cynthia, my other half, is the heart of our home, filling it with the warm aromas of her cooking and the beauty of her baking and decorating. Our home is an open book of laughter, learning, and the occasional dance-off in the kitchen. Facilitating this group is more than an opportunity—it’s a calling for us. We believe in the power of community, the strength found in shared stories, and the joy of collective worship. And yes, we've heard it through the grapevine that our sermon discussion group might just serve the world's best foods, but we'll let you be the judge of that! As we open our doors and hearts to you, know that we do so with the intention of feeding you and creating a space where warmth is felt, friendships are forged, and faith is deepened. We are here to walk alongside you, to laugh with you, to grow with you, and to experience the richness of life in true community spirit. Can't wait to meet you and share in this journey together. Warmly, Andre, Cynthia, Paula, and the Christian family

Group is: Combination

When: Weekly on Mondays from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: 123 Main St. Denver, CO 80202

Cross Roads: Picadilly & Green Valley Ranch (Denver - 80249)

Who: Adults ages 19+

Childcare: No