Volunteer Candidate Information

There are several areas where you can volunteer are the MORE Life Community Center:

Our current operating hours are Sunday and Wednesday 10:30am-1:00pm


  • Initial point of contact for MLCC visitors
  • Ensure that individuals feel welcome and cared for
  • Provide guidance in completing the necessary paperwork and assist with guiding individuals through the process
  • Comfortable with computers and data entry


  • Sorting and stocking food on market shelves
  • Help collect green bags from congregation on the 1st weekend every month
  • Transport collection to the MLCC
  • Stock monthly donations
  • Prepare and distrbute food requests to families in need


  • Serve as an advocate for people who come to the MLCC for assistance
  • Assess a person's needs, and then assist them with resources within the MLCC, CCC and resource partnerships that will address those needs


  • Help address computer issues with operating systems, applications, hardware, internet apps, etc.
  • 3rd Saturday every month


  • Provide translation for MLCC guests
  • Many different languages are needed as our immigrant population grows

JAMLAC - Justice & Mercy Legal Aid Clinic

  • Check in guests for appointments
  • Ensure the guest feels welcome and cared for
  • Comfortable with computers and data entry
  • Available on Friday afternoon


  • Sewing experience helpful
  • Help students acquire sewing skills

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